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On January 2014, a group of seasoned and experienced travel professionals with a common desire to spur growth in Philippine Tourism formed S8 Exhibition Inc.

The company aims to conduct multi-tiered business to business (828) travel trade exhibits and shows with particular emphasis on global luxury travel.

S8 Exhibition Inc. will run these events with new and original concepts in order to be able to market them strongly to the target audience.


The Asia Premium Travel Mart or APTM positions itself as the meeting place to bring together the world’s best travel counselors to exchange ideas, experiences and cooperation with the world’s best travel providers; what better place but in Southeast Asia where travel is a way of life.

To became one of the world's leading B2B exhibition organizers focused on exponential business with the mid to high end luxury travel sector
  • Create luxury travel trade shows that will give meaningful and memorable experiences for both buyers and sellers.
  • Actively screen and qualify participants to ensure that the purpose of the show is met as well as the building up of credibility and consistency
  • Continually improve on processes-delivery of the exhibitions as well as services and financial outcomes for the participants.
  • Employ and ensure that employees of S8 maintain a high level of integrity by observing core values of honesty, knowledge, quality of work and environmental responsibility.
  • Establish effective communication processes..