Asia Premium Travel Mart holds talk re ‘Sustainable Responsible Tourism in Luxury Industry’

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On June 14, a press conference was held for the upcoming Asia Premium Travel Mart, in participation with some of the country’s biggest players in hotel industry, airline officials, and media. During the press conference, speakers encouraged all the stakeholders and media to push for long term and sustainable plan for Philippine tourism. The group’s president Fe Abling – Yu, emphasized the establishment of relevant, safe and convenient infrastructures for tourists since Philippine tourism gives big chunk of contribution to the economy. Yu also mentioned about the rising need on international connectivity to the country’s inbound traffic market. “The average spending of tourists in the Philippines is Php 50,000 per person hence the effective promotion of inbound traffic will gather a massive impact for our economy.” The challenge is to appeal to market’s challenging expectations by staying relevant and innovative at the same time. Edwin L. Villanueva, APTM board member, voiced out to push the sustainability of tourist destinations. “In our business, selling shouldn’t be the only concern but also safekeeping our environment as well. Sustainability in tourism should be a long term concern to all of us.” After the talks, the group initiated a pledge for sustainable Philippine tourism joined by hotel participants, airline officials and APTM officers. The group targets the luxury travel market segment, emphasizing to effectively cater the needs of the growing Social Class A young travellers by making sustainable travel offers suitable to their tastes and interests. “Excellent quality of service is needed to appeal the high expectations of luxury market for them to continue their travel with us,” said Villanueva. The luxury travellers have twice or more spending power knowing that they have +200% income versus the average population. Therefore, APTM showcases diverse but premium travel offers such as beach holiday destinations, premium properties & services, eco tourism, world-class diving and surfing, cultural shows & themed offers, medical tourism, high-end shopping, and first-class entertainment to tailor-fit the needs of these affluent travellers.

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